Titles Capture Attention First — Choose Eye-Catching Essay Topics

Many students are irrespective of this simple rule. The very first 4-6 words set the tone for your content as well as influence the mood of your readers. That is why you should always choose striking essay topics which cause the interest to start reading your essay. You are lucky to decide on your own, unlike other students who have to write an essay on the assigned topic. Your first task is to define the most beautiful combinations of words providing a vast field of research. Instead of vague generalities, we suggest you examining essay ideas for particular persuasive essay topics.

English essay topics for persuasive writing

Your title should convince your teacher to read your persuasive essay by exciting their interest. In the beginning was the title, remember that. Examine the following argumentative essay topics:

  • Can armed violence be justified?
  • Should cloning be legally prohibited?
  • Do the most beautiful girls live in Slavic countries?
  • What language can displace English as the international one?
  • Is late parenthood dangerous for gene pool?
  • Can Muslim women avoid arranged marriages?
  • Social networking sites need to be banned.
  • A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears.
  • All people suffer from different addictions.
  • Was the marriage between Jolie and Pitt a hoax?
  • Black and white photos can transmit more feelings?
  • Why some people shy away from the mainstream?

According to the survey held among our writers, these topics for essay writing have evoked the greatest level of curiosity. Why do we think these writing topics are winning? The thing is that they are productive. You can browse the web to find piles of issue-related information. Opinions vary, and it allows to back up your point of view making it indisputable. Choose your English essay topics here!

7 tips to improve your essay writing skills

Our writers deal with thousands of essays daily and here is the list of useful tips put forth by them. Mind the very first rule we have been talking about — the choice of the best essay topics. We hope they will come in handy once you face essay writing tasks:

  • don’t linger around an idea you want to express
  • make your introduction breath-taking
  • mention a core statement and underpin it with supporting ideas
  • be precise with stylistic rules
  • avoid ambiguity in your writing
  • make your sentences simple but sophisticated
  • add flavor to your writing with the help of different stylistic means

Write down the stated rules on a piece of paper and mark all the applied ones. Be sure that your teacher won’t fail to notice how much effort you have made to present topics for essays properly.