How to Overcome Procrastination Once and for All

A typical situation before writing an essay looks like that – you have made hundreds of excuses for not fulfilling your task, haven’t you? Procrastination activities for college students are well-known: plants urgently need some water, you forgot to buy something in the store, you need to clean up the mess in your room, etc. It is all about the postponement… If you don’t stop procrastinating, you risk having poor performance and health problems! College procrastination is the biggest issue in psychology which can be easily tackled. We hope this article will teach you how to overcome procrastination.

Procrastination help includes identification of your procrastination type

You are a procrastinator, and that’s okay. But which type do you belong to? There are three types of people who suffer from college students procrastination:

  • Thrill-seeker (he or she enjoys the feeling of working against the deadline)
  • Avoider (such procrastinators avoid being judged)
  • Indecisive (these procrastinators prefer to shift responsibility from themselves)

Did you recognize yourself? Let’s move on to the question, “Why do we procrastinate?” The thing is that our brain expects to be gratified as soon as possible. That is why you don’t want to get down to writing a 20-page paper since it will take a lot of time. Effects of procrastination on college students are well-known – poorly done assignments without a wink of sleep. If that’s the case, then do you realize that you need procrastination help?

Overcoming procrastination: 9 simple steps to follow

The following rules might seem trivial to you, but they work! There is no magic pill against your laziness. So we recommend you to follow time management tips we are going to give you:

  • Buy a bright notebook and make a timetable for each day
  • Make a priority list (highlight the first item in red color!)
  • A time-consuming task to complete? Break it into several smaller pieces
  • Mark the hours when you are 100% busy
  • Devote all free time you have to writing your 1000 words essay (250 per 4 days!)
  • Start writing anywhere but adhere to your schedule!
  • Avoid distractions (switch your mobile phone to silent mode, turn off the TV)
  • Be responsible for what you have promised yourself (you can’t go on a date as you need to write the final part of the essay)
  • Reward yourself (think of a little present you’ll get once you complete a part in due time)

Mind that you develop a new habit while overcoming procrastination. It is meant to turn your life upside down. Remember that no one can make your life better but you! Now you know how not to procrastinate, and it is up to you to accept these tips or not. But we recommend you to follow them to avoid procrastination.